Chrysalis is defined as the pupa of certain kinds of insects, especially moths and butterflies, that is inactive and enclosed in a firm case or cocoon. The outer packaging of Chrysalis has been designed to reflect the idea of the cocoon, the shape is exactly the same as the product inside and the overlapping slats give the impression of wrapping it's fragile contents. In this way it creates the impression of a protective shell with a deep symbiosis to the product inside.
During the transformation the caterpillar turns to liquid inside the cocoon before re-emerging as a moth or butterfly. This natural phenomena translates well with the precious perfume being contained within the packaging.
In-keeping with the theme of moths and butterflies there are two versions of the perfume, a light and fresh 'parfum du jour' and a deep seductive 'parfum de nuit'. 
The concept won 1st prize in the student category of Recreate Packaging 2016.
Photography by Ninni Vidgren
parfum du jour
parfum de nuit
The award ceremony was held in New York City on the 11th of May, 2016 with trophy designed by fashion designer Bea Szenfeld.
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