Hishiki or 'fire-wrap' is a portable tool for creating a safe outdoor fire, it's constructed from a piece of stainless steel mesh attached to a stainless steel strap and buckle. You collect pieces of firewood, leaves or other burnable material in the mesh then wrap it, roll it and light it! The inspiration comes from the Japanese art of folding.

It can be used to keep warm while camping, to create a central piece for a group of friends sitting outdoors or to heat a pot of water. Once lit you can keep it going by throwing more pieces into the centre. The key features are the portability, the ease of use, versatility and the safety (since burning embers are contained within the mesh). It's also simple and affordable to produce.

The design was chosen to be exhibited at the 10th Golden Egg All Stars Design Showcase at the prestigious Axis Gallery in Tokyo, Japan during August/ September 2015.

Team members: Eva Jašková, Chika Suzuki, Misaki Miyamoto and myself.

The following images from Axis Gallery, Tokyo 27.08 - 06.09 2015.
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