Kira-Kard is a luxury greeting card inspired by Japanese craft. It's made using post industry leather and features a design printed on high grade aluminium. It comes in black or white with two different print designs. It has a second function as a photo frame so it's aimed to be a meaningful greeting card that wont be discarded.

The project was a joint venture between fashion design student Jennifer Backlund and packaging & branding design student Duncan Anderson. It was created for a competition hosted by Tigerprint who are the sole supplier of greeting products to Marks & Spencer.
Hidden magnets keep the product shut when folded flat.
The panel on the right is where the sender can write a message. This panel is then hidden when the product is standing so messages wont be on display.
Hidden magnets keep the frame upright.
The leather parts are made from offcuts taken from the sofa industry that would otherwise have gone to waste.
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