Reloaded was created for entry into Recreate Packaging 2014 hosted by Stora Enso and Aalto University. The challenge was to recreate travel packaging using renewable fibre-based materials from Stora Enso.
Our focus from the start was in creating packaging for liquid products that would eliminate as many of the plastic components commonly associated with standard packaging. Our chosen products were hand-sanitiser, moisturiser and toothpaste.
Our design is made from two parts. An inner container with a barrier coating that is creased to allow the user to squeeze out the liquid. This is housed in a cigarette-style casing with a click lock mechanism that keeps the lid locked when closed. There is a triangle of microflute on the inside of the lid that ensures no liquid escapes when the cap is closed. The design creates packaging that is lightweight, compact and provides a brand new user experience.
The graphics reflect the daring and adventurous nature of travelling and are aimed to appeal to the vitality of the user group. Reloaded was chosen as the brand name as it epitomises the invigorating sensation of refreshing after a long journey.
I was responsible for the structural design and 3D modelling, the graphics and branding were created by Jenna Parkkinen.
The concept won 3rd place in Recreate Packaging 2014.
The product comes with a seal that is torn away before use (left). After first use the triangle piece of corrugated board on the inside of the lid ensures that the hole is sealed when the cap is closed.
Illustration of the inner container. The paperboard is creased to allow it to compress.
The creases also provide strength to the structure of the container. 
Size comparison against standard 50ml and 75ml containers.

The packages were exhibited at the Stora Enso stand at Interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Exhibited photograph from Packstage, a gallery event celebrating packaging design from the Lahti Institute of Design. Photography by Aleksi Tikkala. Milk carton by Else Kosonen.
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